Competitive Edge - Turf Services

When you're stronger, you're better.


Competitive Edge is a group of training programs aimed at helping you stay competitive in whatever way fits you….
Competition is a part of life… Whether your competition lies within sport, recreation, fun, disease/injury prevention, aging etc.. etc…  success lies within the process of your training.  In order to be successful it is important to train appropriately, and here at CE, we work hard at doing just that.  
"No one has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a person to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable."
Competitive Edge represents a transformational shift in the fitness industry back to the basics. What’s old is now new. Our goal is to help you build a stronger, more useful body through a simple, practical, results-driven approach employing functional training.  
CE offers 4 different Turf Training Services:
  1. Strength 4 Life (Strength, Mobility, & Functional Training - 1 hour classes 3x per week - commit to Day 1 and Day 2 Group)
  2. Barbell (Strength Training – 1 hour classes 3x per week – commit to Day1 & Day 2 Group)
  3. MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning – 45 Min classes 3x per week – commit to Day1 & Day 2 Group)
  4. Total Conditioning (High Intensity Interval Training – 1 hour classes 3x per week  - commit to Group)  
  5. Women's Strength Training ( Women's Exclusive Strength Training -1 hour classes 2x per week - Day 3 workout direction - self administered)
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