Tennis Director

We are excited to announce that Jimmy Cripe will be joining the Kalispell Regional Healthcare family as the new Director of Tennis at The Summit. Jimmy brings his experience of over 25 years teaching tennis in the Flathead Valley. An exceptional competitive player, he also has served as the head tennis coach at Flathead High School.
As Director of Tennis, Jimmy will be responsible for building a growing and sustainable program at The Summit while also shaping the future of tennis within the community and region. According to Jimmy, “Tennis is a life-long sport that promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyles. I am grateful for the chance to give back to the sport that has given so much to me.”
Building a strong tennis program not only benefits the community in terms of providing traction to a growing competitive sports outlet, but also serves to strengthen the overall expertise of programming and reach of services at The Summit. Please help us in welcoming Jimmy as he navigates his new role within our organization.

Tennis at The Summit

The Summit Tennis Center offers four spacious and well-lit indoor courts for play and instruction in a controlled environment year-round. Courts are open during regular Summit hours throughout the year. Courts are available by reservation.  For court reservations, call 751-4100 or book online.

Meet the Tennis Pros

Tennis at The Summit Medical Fitness Center

Take your game to the next level with the assistance of our experienced and USPTA-certified teaching professionals, offering private, semi-private and group lessons.

Jimmy Cripe - Jimmy was a state champion all-American singles player for Whitefish High School, winning titles in 1988-89. He went on to play collegiate tennis for Montana State University for four years. Jimmy has been teaching tennis in Montana for 17 years and has been a certified teaching professional for 10 years. Contact Jimmy at

Clifford Schimpff - Cliff played singles for Gainesville High School in Florida, then was a college singles player for the University of Florida and Montana State University. He has taught tennis for 25 years, in Florida, Connecticut, New York and Montana, and has been certified by the USPTA for 20 years. Contact Cliff at

For questions about lessons or other information, call the tennis center at 751-4518.

Private Lessons

Lesson Member    Non-Member    
1/2 Hour   $40/person $42.50/person
1 Hour $57/person $62/person
   1-1/2 Hour    $85/person  $92.50/person

Semi Private Lessons

    Lesson           Member            Non-Member     
1/2 Hour $27/person $29.50/person
1 Hour $37/person $42/person
  1-1/2 Hour   $52/person $59.50/person

Group Lessons

3 people / instructor
     Lesson        Member Non-Member
1 Hour $32/person $37/person
   1-1/2 Hours     $45/person $55.50/person
4 or more people / instructor
Lesson Member      Non-Member       
1 Hour $27/person $32/person
1-1/2 Hours $37.50/person $48/person
Adult Clinics    
$20-$25 / person       
Junior Clinics    
$15-$20 / person    

Court Fees

Courts are available by reservation.  For court reservations, call 751-4100 or book online
Summit Member  1 hour 1 1/2 hours  2 hours 
Singles $9.00/person $13.50/person $18.00/person
Doubles $4.50/person $6.75/person $9.00/person
3 People $6.00/person $9.00/person $12.00/person
Ball Machine ($5 + court time, 1 hour min) $23.00/court up to 4 people $32.00/ court up to 4 people $41.00/ court up to 4 people
Non-Peak Court Time Reduced Rates:
5 a.m. - 8 a.m. - Monday - Friday 
All Day Sunday
$9.00/court $13.50/court $18.00/court
Non-Member  1 hour 1 1/2 hours  2 hours 
Singles $20.00/person $30.00/person $40.00/person
Doubles $10.00/person $15.00/person $20.00/person
3 People $13.35/person $20.00/person $26.70/person
Ball Machine ($10 + court time, 1 hour min) $50.00/court up to 4 people $70/court up to 4 people $90/court up to 4 people
Non-Peak Court Time Reduced Rates:
5 a.m. - 8 a.m. - Monday - Friday 
All Day Sunday
$15.00/court $22.50/court $30.00/court

Ball Machine

Our high-tech ball machine, The Playmate, is situated behind court 4. Remote control and instruction book are attached. Reservations are made with the front desk. The charge is court time plus $10 for members and $16 for non-members. Please pick up all balls and use the sweeper at the end of your session.

Court Reservation Policies

1. Use of tennis courts requires an additional fee to regular Summit membership dues. Member and non-member rates apply. Non-member court reservation fee includes full access to The Summit.
2. Court reservations must be made with the front desk, 751-4100 or online. Please limit the number of players to four per court. Member hosts must provide additional players names or populate online from the buddy list. Lessons are available and can be scheduled with the tennis pro's at the tennis center, 751- 4518.
3. Member court fees may be charged to your member account or paid by check, cash, or credit card. Non-members and temporary members are required to prepay for court time and lessons at the time of booking and must have a credit card on file to secure their reservation.
4. Members please check in at the front desk using your membership card. Non-members please check in and sign in at the front desk. Get court assignments from the front desk at time of check-in.
5. Members may reserve a court up to 72 hours in advance. Advance notice of 24 hours is required to cancel a reserved court or lesson at no cost. Non-members may reserve a court 24 hours in advance.

Permanent Court Time

Permanent Court Time (PCT) is a court reserved for the same time every week, for a maximum of 16 consecutive weeks and a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks. Each PCT group must have a captain who submits the necessary information. Court time is the group’s responsibility and cannot be cancelled. Members wishing to resign must find a replacement and notify the captain. It’s the captain’s responsibility to notify The Summit. The reservation form must be turned in to The Summit Member Service Office to secure the requested time slots. All applications received are subject to availability.

  • Only Summit Members can make permanent court reservations.
  • Each regular player and sub in the group is required to have an active Summit membership or a credit card on file under a guest account.
  • One person will serve as the PCT Captain. That person is responsible for submitting and signing the reservation form. The reservation  must list the regular players for each court. All communication between The Summit and the group will be through the PCT captain.
  • The Summit, at its discretion, may cancel scheduled PCT for maintenance, special events and tournaments.
  • PCT reservations may be revoked for violation of PCT rules or Summit policies.

Payment Policy

  • Each scheduled player is responsible for payment.
  • Non-members must have a credit card on file with The Summit.
  • Subs must check in and pay at the front desk before heading to the courts.
  • Scheduled players will be automatically billed if they do not check in and pay at the front desk.

Permanent Court Time Availability
5:00 am – 8:00 am, 2 courts available
11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 2 court available
7:00 pm – close, 1 - 2 courts depending on availability
All day Saturday or Sunday

$20 processing fee per reservation.
Regular court rates apply. See front desk on website for current rates.

PCT Reservation Form