Youth Futsal

Youth Futsal

Indoor futsal open to all abilities. Minimum of 8 games. Round robin schedule and a single elimination tournament. Teams will consist of 5 players on the floor at one time (4 players plus a goalie). The maximum number of teams allowed in this league is 8. Shin guards are required to play. Rules are as stated in the "Youth Futsal Rules" link and will be enforced by the officials. Games will be Friday evenings only between 6:00-9:00 PM. The 10-12 will play from 6:00-7:30. Then the 13-15 will play from 7:30-9:00. Minimum of 5 players and league fees paid to secure a team spot. 


  • There will be a parent meeting before the start of the season. We will also have a coach/referee meeting before the season as well. Dates for both of these meetings are TBD.


  • We require an adult coach for each of the youth teams. 

CLICK HERE TO GET CERTIFIED - watch the video and take the test, print certificate for registration.
All participants age 17 and under are required to provide proof that they and their parent(s) are concussion certified. To get certified, athletes and parents need to watch a concussion education video, take the test and print out a certificate. Please bring certificate with you to register.

Facility Rules

  • Players may warm up downstairs 10 minutes prior to their game start time but only using the track. If you arrive earl, ALL players must stay in the lobby upstairs.
  • The track is not a playing area. It is for running only.
  • All players and parents MUST walk the correct direction on the track.
  • Each team has a copy of the rules.  Please read over them carefully.
  • All players must show respect when in the facility. If the on-call supervisor or league coordinator deems the behavior inappropriate, player(s) will be asked to leave for the evening.
  • You must stick to your roster even if you have more than one team.  Children are not allowed to play for multiple teams and only for the team in which they are on the roster.

Missed Games

  • If your team can not make your game it will result in a loss and the game will not be rescheduled.  This includes season and tournament games. 
  • A second forfeit could result in a forfeit of the season without refund.
  • We will have a week set aside for make-up games if there are cancellations due to weather or unforeseen circumstances involving Logan Fitness.  Please plan ahead to play this week.

Information Communication

  • Pertinent information will be relayed to the captain or coach listed on the team’s roster via e-mail.  They are solely responsible for passing information on to their players. Parents, if you have questions please contact your coaches. 
  • If they are unable to answer, please contact the league coordinator via phone or email at 751-4136 or email.

Pricing:    Member: $45      Non-member: $60
Dates:   November 12 - February 3 (no games Thanksgiving week and Winter Break:12/22-12/30)
Ages:   (10-12) and (13-15)
Location:   Gymnasium
Registration:   October 11 - October 26 
More Info:   Call 751-4136 or E-mail Us

Youth (10-15) Futsal Rules 2021-22