Cedar Creek Marathon

Mark your calendar for Sept 24, 2022!


The Full Marathon run begins at Big Creek Campground and finishes at The COOP in Columbia Falls, Montana.  The Marathon borders Glacier National Park, Flathead river and Cedar Creek with incredible views as you run.  The course is a mix of gravel and pavement to ease the knees with some rolling hills to keep your legs awake and rocking the entire route.  The Marathon course is a Boston Qualifying event and will guarantee to make you fall in love with northwest Montana and all its beauty as you race to cross the finish line in quaint Columbia Falls, Montana.

The Half Marathon course comes in half way through the Marathon Route and continues through the beautiful views and fall colors along a 100% paved course finishing in Columbia Falls, Montana.

DATE: September 24, 2022
TIME: Start 6:00 a.m. 


Cedar Creek 5k

The 5K begins just outside the amazing City of Columbia Falls on Alumnium Drive and heads towards Columbia Falls along the North Fork Road.  The course is a beautiful fast run with a finish at The Coop.

DATE: September 24, 2022
TIME: Start 10:00 a.m. 

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Dates 5k Half-Marathon Marathon
3/1/22-4/30/22 N/A $65 $85
5/1/22-6/30/22 N/A $75 $95
7/1/22-8/31/22 $25 $85 $105.00
9/1/22-9/22/22 $25 $95 $125.00
9/23/22 $30 $105.00 $135.00

Volunteer Information

If you would like to sign up to volunteer for the Marathon?
Please click the link below to see what position and time will work for you.

Course Map

Marathon Course Map 

Half Marathon Map

5K Map


Elevation Map

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What time does the Marathon and Half Marathon start?
6:00 a.m. start for both races

What time does the 5k start?
10:00 a.m. start

Where is the Start Line?
Big Creek Campground

How do we get to the start line?
All participants will park in Columbia Falls in designated parking areas and will be bused to the start. There will be no parking at the start line.

Where is the finish line?
Nucleus Avenue, Columbia Falls in front of Logan Health Rehabilitation Clinic at 235 Nucleus Avenue.

How long are runner’s allowed on the course?
Runners have 6.5 hours to finish the race.  Course will close at 2 p.m. to runners.

How do we get back to our car after we finish the race?
There will be a shuttle that will be running all morning and into the afternoon to return runners to their cars if they are parked in the designated parking lot. If the runner chooses to park in any other area, they will need to have their own transportation back to their vehicles.

What if folks not doing the race want to get to Polebridge the morning of the race?
The North Fork Road will be closed 6 a.m. - 11 a.m. from Big Creek to beginning of the pavement to through traffic. Folks will be redirected through the West Glacier entrance to Glacier National Park (GNP). The day of the race, September 24, is a Fee Free day for GNP.

Are spectators allowed on the course?
Spectators will be allowed along North Fork Road following Blankenship road (towards Columbia Falls). The North Fork Road will be closed to all spectators and through traffic north of the end of the pavement. Only homeowners and emergency personnel and team cars will be allowed on the route north of the pavement. 

What is the Team Event?
The team event includes a team of up to 4 runners who all run 6.5 miles approx. They will tag off at designated team stations. Each team is allowed one vehicle on the course. 

Is this race a Boston Qualifier?
Yes, it is!

What if I am unable to complete the full race?
Please notify a race official that you are not finishing the race.

What if I get sick or can’t do the race, can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, no, this race is non-refundable.

Can I give a friend my registration if I choose not to run?
Please notify the Race Director prior to doing this. The runner will be disqualified if they have not notified the Race Director as this is a safety concern.

Can I listen to music along the course?
We do not have a rule against listening to music,  but by listening to music you are assuming the risk of not hearing an oncoming car or other traffic that could cause injury or death.

Can I have a friend pace me?
Only race participants are allowed on the course.

Will there be a photographer on the course?
Yes, there will be a photographer taking photos along the race route.  Don’t forget to smile!

Are bikes, strollers and/or dogs allowed on the course?
We allow strollers on the course.  We DO NOT allow dogs or bikes on the course. 

Is there an expo/packet pick up prior to race day?
Yes! More information will be provided on this page when available.

Is there a post-race gathering?
Yes! More information will be provided on this page when available.

Are there hotels that offer race participants a discount in the area?
Yes! More information will be provided on this page when available.

Will Glacier Park be open when we are there?
Yes. Going-to-the-Sun Road will also be open, unless weather conditions require closure.

What type of gels/drinks will be on the course?
Hammer products and water!