Climbing Wall

Our indoor climbing wall is suited for all ages and abilities. The climbing wall is 30 feet high and 38 feet wide. With hundreds of hand holds, named routes and 6 different ropes to choose from, you will never get bored with this wall. We offer beginning and group lessons and climbing classes for adults. 



  • We are currently offering Certified Climb all day for those who are belay certified as well as bouldering, as well as Hangtime on Thursdays (beginning 10/5 from 6pm to 8pm.
  • Please use hand sanitizer or wash hands before and after you climb.
  • Two climbers per rope. Must bring your own gear and be on the certified climbing list.
  • Please see Schedule for details.

Intro to climbing class

If you are interested in climbing with friends, family or children this is a great way to learn the basics so you can enjoy top roped climbing any time at the wall. 

The intro to climbing class will teach you knots, how to belay, and the safety procedures needed to top rope climb on the wall. 

Who: 14 years old and above
When: the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month
Time: 9 to 11
Price: $35 for members - $45 for non members 

Please sign up at the front desk. 

Descriptions of Climbing Times (please see schedule for available climbing times):

Hang Time:
This is a time when you can come and use the wall even if you are not belay certified. There will be an instructor present to belay you on the wall. No matter your interest or skill level this is for you. There are limited harnesses and shoes available during this time. 

Certified Climb & Bouldering:
This is a time when only those that have been belay certified may use ropes, or those who would like to climb low to the ground without the use of ropes may boulder. For those who are using ropes and are belay certified, having your belay card displayed on your harness is required.
When bouldering climbers should be spotted by another person. No part of the body may pass above the third panel from the ground. Bouldering should not be done underneath roped climbers.
Proper footwear required or socks. No Street Shoes.

Private Climbing Lessons

This class is a great way to get private instruction from our climbing wall staff. For individual growth for any level from beginner to advanced. 

Days: Variable
Ages: 6 & Up
Location: Climbing Wall
More Info: Call 751-4137 or E-mail Us

Climbing Lesson Rates

Individual Rates  
Options Member Non-Member
Single (1 hour)  $30/person $40/person
3-Pack (1 hour lessons) $80/person $110/person


Group Rates (3-5 people)
Options Member Non-Member
Single (1 hour) $25/person $35/person


Climbing Gear

Climbing harness and shoes are available at the climbing wall for use at no charge during Hang Time and Climbing classes.

Climbing Wall Waiver

Every person that uses the climbing wall must have a climbing wall waiver completely filled out and on file with our climbing wall department. Waivers are available at the climbing wall, at Logan Fitness front desk and on Logan Fitness website.

Climbing Wall Waiver