Workman's Comp Program

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Work Comp-based Clinical Services

The Work Comp Clinical Program benefits individuals with diagnosed chronic conditions, orthopedic or other medical problems resulting from a work comp claim. Participants may have recently completed medical treatment but require additional supervision.

How the Program Works:

After receiving a physician's referral, the clinical staff meets with the participant to establish goals and develop an exercise program. Participants may choose to exercise independently, or attend a supervised exercise class. A monthly meeting with a member of the clinical staff for program evaluation is required. Any additional follow-up training sessions are scheduled according to each client's individual needs. Accountability to program requirements is mandatory. We provide all necessary correspondence with insurance carriers and case management services.

Program Highlights:

• A consultation and monthly follow-up sessions with a clinical staff member
• Weekly supervised exercise class option
• Progress reports sent to physician and/or insurance
• Wellness lecture series:
     - Nutritional
     - Prevention
     - Exercise
     - Stress management
• Unlimited facility access (excluding tennis)
• Classes are included at no charge or at member rates


• Pain reduction
• Improved health / fitness
• Return to work
• Increased muscle strength, endurance and range of motion
• Increased quality of life
• Graduate to an independent exercise program

Program Length:

The program typically lasts 3 - 6 months. The case manager or physician may authorize an extension of the program.


$125 / month. Initial 3 month start with Journey to Wellness Clinical program.Upon completion of the program, participants will receive an initiation fee waiver to join Logan Health Medical Fitness Center as a regular member.

For more information about The Work Comp Clinical Program contact:

Michele Maher, Clinical Services Coordinator
Phone: (406) 751-4106
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: (406) 751-4121