Nutrition Services

Our nutrition programs offer current science-based nutrition assessments, education and counseling for all types of people. Our registered dietitians teach flexible, healthy eating for the mind and body that is effective, interactive, practical and fun.

Nutrition Coaching

With all of the nutritional information available in the world today, it can be a challenge to determine what information is valid and reliable versus other recommendations that may have profoundly negative health effects. A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) is a nutrition expert that incorporates counseling, based on scientific, dependable evidence, to assist clients on a path towards improved health and wellness. Nutrition counseling can be used in the prevention or progression of various chronic diseases; improve athletic performance during various sports, events, and activities; and to identify nutrition factors that may be affecting overall well-being. An RDN has the information, implements the expertise, and provides the support needed to make sustainable, healthful changes that can last a lifetime.

Schedule an appointment by calling Mike Tryon 406-751-4131

Initial visit (60 minutes)
Members: $60                         Non-members: $70
Follow-up visit (30-minutes)
 Members: $38                         Non-members: $45
Nutrition Package 
Four sessions: One initial 60 minute session and three 30 minute follow-up sessions.
Member $165.00                     Non-Member $195.00
Please Note - Any person whom has a dietitian referral from a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant for medical nutrition therapy  should contact Logan Health Outpatient Nutrition Services (406-751-5454) prior to utilizing the nutrition services at the Logan Health Medical Fitness Center. For diabetes-specific care, please contact the Diabetes Education and Prevention Center (406-751-5454). Currently, Logan Health Medical Fitness Center is unable to bill insurance for RDN services and costs must be paid out of pocket.

Three to Thrive Package

Three to Thrive Package - Jump on the path to healthy living and learn to Thrive at Logan Health Medical Fitness Center. Sample one session each from three programs and start your wellness, nutrition and fitness off right. Includes one each wellness coaching, nutrition coaching and personal training session.