Success Stories

Claudia Ampudia - I'm happy again!

The Journey to Wellness has been a lifesaver to me.  I have ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, type II diabetes, fibromyalgia, and other health issues.  Before I began my Journey, I couldn't go grocery shopping.  Walking through the store was too painful for me.
I love going to the Summit now.  It's my home away from home!  I take the HydroFit classes.  The water is great for me.  It is low impact on my joints and it's FUN!  I enjoy SELF also.  The trainer tips are great.  Trina always teaches us something new.  The coaches always guide us to individualized workouts.  I also take the SAIL class - I love it!  There are SO many opportunities for each and every person I can't begin to tell you all about them.
I can take care of my grandchildren now.  Which is such an accomplishment for me!  I can walk through airports!  Before my Journey, my husband had to push me in a wheelchair.  I can now cook dinner for my family.  I've not done that in years.  I have lost 30 pounds!  (30 pounds people!!!!)  I still have a lot to lose but this is a journey.  I'm also off a lot of my medications and greatly reduced my insulin and my A1C is going down!
My coach Gwen has helped me, guided me, encouraged me and has been my friend and cheerleader. 
Thank you Journey to Wellness for giving me my life back.  I'm happy again!

Ron Gunkel - I believe I can do it!

I have been in the "Journey to Wellness" program and have received information and help in improving my eating habits.  I have learned about foods through a supermarket class taught through the Summit as well as meal ideas.My wellness coach helped me set goals I wanted to attain and checked with me to see if I had been able to accomplish those goals.  My coach is always encouraging me.  I have been introduced to programs that might be of interest to me and I found them to be enjoyable!  I am taking Tai Chi and pickle ball; working on strength and balance; and swimming, something that has always been a challenge but I received instruction to help me improve.I want to remain active so I can enjoy life.  I have tried exercise programs before but I find that without a partner it is difficult to stay with any program. At the Summit, it is like having a partner.  Everyone shows interest in what I am doing and give me encouragement to go on and do more.
With the help and encouragement offered at the Summit, I believe I can do it!

Martha Hutaff - I will meet my goals for the first time in a long time!

There have been so many times in my life when I have joined one more gym only to lose my motivation and become discouraged.  After joining the Journey to Wellness program at Logan Health Fitness Center (formerly the Summit), I was so excited to get a fantastic coach, learn what to eat, and even how to eat.  These tools are essential, but the support and encouragement from all of the coaches has proved vital to my continuing enthusiasm and great success.  I am meeting my wellness goals daily.  In addition, all of the instructors are so encouraging and make each class easy to attend (especially if you are unsure of your ability).  This is the first year in a long time that I feel I will meet my wellness goals!