Group Swim Lessons

Register online December 1st, 2021

Evening Session Dates & Times:
Monday & Wednesday Evenings for 4 weeks.
Session 1: Jan 10th-Feb 2nd
Session 2: Feb 7th-Mar 2nd
Session 3: Mar 7th-Mar 30th

Station Times:
Station 1 & 2 : 6:05pm-6:35pm
Station 3 & 4: 6:40pm-7:10pm
Station 5 & Stroke School Combo: 7:15pm-7:45pm

Saturday Session Dates and Times
Saturday mornings for 8 weeks
Session 1: Jan 22nd-Mar 12th

Station Times:
Station 1 & 2: 9:30-10:00am
Station 3 & 4: 10:05-10:35 am
Stations 5 & Stroke School Combo: 11:15-11:45 am
Fundamentals for 4 yr olds: 11:15-11:14am (select from 2 sessions of 4 weeks)

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Ages 5 and older ~ SwimAmerica

SwimAmerica is the state of the art learn to swim program. We don't teach lessons. We teach PEOPLE HOW TO SWIM. After all, learning to swim is a LIFETIME GIFT that can save your child's life. Our goal is to teach your child to swim for health, safety, fun and fitness.

Station Descriptions:
Station 1 - Never taken swim lessons and will not put their face in the water. Goal: 10 relaxed bobs
Station 2 - Comfortable putting their heads underwater but cannot yet float. Goal: Front and back glide and recover - 5 seconds.
Station 3 - Can float and glide on front and back, but have not yet learned kicking. Goal: Front and back kick 15 ft.
Station 4 - Can kick on front and back and are ready to add arms. Goal: Side-glide-kick 20 ft, crawl stroke 20 ft (no breathing).
Station 5 - Can do crawl stroke but have not yet learned breathing. Goal: Crawl stroke with breathing.
Stroke School 1- Have learned freestyle with proper breathing and want to learn other strokes and covers skills from stations 6 & 7.
     Station 6 - Goal: Freestyle 25 yds, backstroke 30 ft, tread water for 1 minute.
     Station 7 - Goal: Freestyle 50 yds, backstroke 25 yds, kick breaststroke 20 ft.
Stroke School 2-  Stroke refinement, build endurance with all strokes and covers skills from stations 8, 9, & 10. 
    Station 8 - Goal: Freestyle 100 yds, breaststroke 25 yds, butterfly 30 ft.
    Station 9 - Goal: Freestyle 200 yds, butterfly 25 yds, breaststroke 50 yds, elementary backstroke 50 yds, sidestroke 50 yds.
    Station 10 - Goal: Freestyle 300 yds, backstroke 100 yds, individual medley 100 yds.

Fundamentals of Four Year Olds

This class introduces basic fundamental swimming safety skills (breathing, floating, gliding, kicking, stroking and water safety) to the four year old student. 
Winter  - Registration starts online December 1st
4 Saturday classes in each session.
Session 1: Jan 22nd- Feb 12th
Session 2: Feb 19th-Mar 12th

Times: 11:15-11:45 a.m.
Cost: Member- $37   / Non-Member- $44
Fall Swim Lesson Information 2021
Winter Swim Lesson Information 2022

Cancellation & Transfer Policy

Cancellations: Must be made three business days prior to the start of the session for a full refund minus a $5.00 administrative fee per participant, per session. Make-up lessons and/or credits will not be available should a lesson be missed for any reason. No refunds or credits will be issued after the session begins.

Transfers: There is a $5.00 transfer fee to transfer participants to a different session provided there is space available.

Photography Policy

Photographs may be taken on the final day of scheduled swim lessons. Photographs may only include your child.

We reserve the right to preview photos and delete digital images that may include unauthorized individuals to insure privacy of its patrons.