About Us

Experience the Logan Health Fitness difference.
Logan Health Medical Fitness Center is more than just a health club. We are a family-friendly fitness and wellness facility for members of all ages and abilities. Our 114,000 sq. ft. Kalispell, Montana location offers some of the finest programs, facilities, and equipment in the state.

We offer a wide range of specialty programs from kids to seniors including adult fitness programs, performance programs for athletes, senior programs, weight management and special populations programs.

We are staffed by the most educated and experienced professionals in the field. You won't find another club that offers more expert and friendly service.

As the region's only medical fitness center, we excel in being the place to go when the doctor prescribes exercise. With more than 180 staff members, our personal trainers, fitness instructors, dietitians, nurses and physical therapists are superbly qualified to help you achieve results. Whether you have recently given birth, had a worn out knee replaced or looking to find more serenity in your life, Logan Health Medical Fitness Center has the health and wellness resources you need.

Our Mission
Well-being for all. To help people of all ages and abilities achieve and sustain health, happiness and success.
Our Vision
To be a nationally recognized innovator and leader in fitness and wellness. We will provide the best experience and highest quality fitness, wellness and athletic programs, including medically integrated and evidence-based options, to everyone we serve.

Our Core Values
As guardians of this amazing organization, we will:

  • Uphold INTEGRITY in our words and actions.
  • Show COMPASSION to every person, every time.
  • Provide SERVICE to our patients, our co-workers and our community.
  • Demonstrate EXCELLENCE every day, in every way.
  • Take OWNERSHIP for all we do.

Above all...do the right thing!

Donation Requests

All requests must be submitted at least 30 days in advance. Requests submitted less then 30 days in advance may not be approved. All requests must fulfill the Mission of Logan Health Medical Fitness and will be evaluated on their ability to impact the health and well being of our community at large or a sub set of the population. Acceptance of requests will be subject to meeting these criteria. We will not give cash donations.

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