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Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test & Lactate Profile (CPX/LP). How fit are you? Answers to all your training questions!   

Anaerobic Medley. How much POWER can you generate?   

Fueling for Fitness. Are you fueling your body correctly?   

Multi-Sport Dual Testing Package. Improve both your Running and Cycling performances.   

Gait (Walking) Analysis. Optimize your walking/hiking form.   

Running Analysis. Reduce your risk of Injury and improve your running technique.   

Metabolic Biomechanics Analysis. The most comprehensive running analysis available.    

VO2 Max. How well does your body utilize oxygen?   

Blood Lactate Profile. Swimmers, Runners, and Cyclists all benefit from knowing their Lactate Threshold.   

Resting Energy Expenditure. Are you a Fat Burner or a Sugar Burner?   

Wingate Anaerobic Power. How strong is your sprinting ability?