Medical Fitness Center Vacation Freeze Form

The 2021 Vacation Freeze will temporarily suspend your account for up to two months for $25/month, regardless of membership type or size. This option provides both you and Logan Health Medical Fitness Center some additional time to transition through the final stages of COVID-19. At the end of a 2021 Vacation Freeze, billing will resume automatically. 

Please complete this form at least three business days before the end of the month in order to avoid full membership dues for the following month.  2021 Vacation Freezes must be submitted before December 25, 2021, but need not run consecutively. 

Requests received less than three business days before the end of the month will still be honored; however, memberships dues will not be adjusted until the next full month.  Example: Members who submit 2021 Vacation Freezes after December 25, 2021 will be charged January dues but will only be charged $25 for February.   

Vacation Freeze Details:

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