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All students, instructors and trainees must watch these videos prior to each quarter, semester or rotation.

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You can find the most up-to-date COVID-19 website and Attestation Form at https://www.logan.org/krhc/about/student-affiliations/covid-19

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I have read and met, or will meet, prior to my start date, all the obligatory immunizations, background checks, documents and all other requirements mandated by Logan Health in the orientation manual. *

Acknowledgment that I have read and understand the LH Code of Conduct

I agree to obey all federal, state and local governmental laws and regulations at all times. If I am not certain about LH's policies, or about the law, it is my responsibility and my right to get advice from my supervisor, human resources, any management personnel, general counsel or the compliance officer.

I agree to comply fully with the Compliance Program guidelines contained in the Code of Conduct document. I understand that compliance with these guidelines is a condition of my association with LH. Likewise, I understand any failure to report a violation (even if the violation is committed by another individual), can result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of my student experience. I also understand that LH reserves the right to occasionally amend, modify and update these Compliance Program guidelines.

I also acknowledge that the Code of Conduct is only a statement of principles for individual and business conduct and does not, in any way, constitute an employment contract or an assurance of continued association.

My signature on this form acknowledges that I have reviewed the Logan Health Code of Conduct and agree to abide by its contents. Please type your full name. *

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I have read, understand and agree to comply with the Disclaimer for Intellectual Property. *

I have read, understand and agree to comply with the Security Codes and Procedures *

I have read, understand and agree to comply with the EDU800 Policy. *

I have read, understand and agree to comply with Dress Code Policy HR 530d *

I have read, understand and agree to comply with the IC435 Hand Hygiene Policy. *

I attest I have reviewed and understand the current Corporate Compliance Program PowerPoint. *

I understand and agree to allow my immunization records and background check to be shared between my school and Logan Health and all its entities as needed for my student experience clearance. *

I agree to allow my immunizations and background check to be shared between Logan Health entities as needed for the clearance process. *

Medical/Dental Treatment Agreement
I hereby give my consent, in the event of injury or illness, for emergency medical/dental treatment, hospitalization or other treatment as may be necessary for my welfare by a physician, dentist, licensed nurse and/or other hospital employee during all periods of time in which I am participating as a student/trainee/resident at Logan Health (LH).


I hereby waive any liability on the part of Logan Health, its directors, trustees, agents and employees arising out of such medical/dental treatment. I also agree that I am responsible for any charges that may be incurred for such medical/dental treatment. *

Signature: The information contained on this form is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. Type your name in the box below to certify your agreement to all the above. *

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