Bowel Management Week

Montana Children's Medical Center

Happy Tummies. Happy Kids.

We believe that happy tummies lead to happy kids.

Montana Children’s is hosting regular multidisciplinary Bowel Management Weeks for children and young adults (ages 0-21) with medically refractory constipation. Bowel Management Week is a week-long outpatient bowel management program in which parents and children learn helpful techniques to prevent stool accidents and encourage daily bowel health.

Multidisciplinary team includes:
- Pediatric surgery
- Pediatric dietitian
- Pediatric gastroenterology
- Pediatric neurosurgery
- Urology
- Pediatric pelvic floor specialists
- Pediatric psychiatry/psychology

What is Bowel Management?

Bowel management includes the use of enemas, laxatives, and when indicated, diet manipulation and medicines to slow down the colon. The goal of our bowel management program is for your child to have a daily bowel movement and remain clean between bowel movements. This program can help young patients who have digestive system malformation or disease, a spinal problem, or suffer from frequent constipation have more control of bowel movements again.

About Our Bowel Management Program

Our staff and providers work closely with our patients and their families to bring a healthy, comfortable balance back to their bowel routine. The first day is the longest day of our week-long program. Where parents and patients can expect to spend an extended period of time in educational seminars, pediatric surgical and radiography appointments.

On the first day...
- You will attend a brief orientation about bowel management and learn more information on the day-to-day happenings of our program.
- Your child will meet and be examined by their care team.
- Your child will undergo any additional radiographic studies as prescribed by the multidisciplinary team.
- You will consult with a pediatric surgical provider, and your child will be given an initial enema or laxative regimen.

Throughout the week, parents and patients should expect...
- Daily abdominal X-rays.
- Daily reports about bowel movements and stool accidents.
- Daily communication with surgical care team for any recommended changes to child's personal program.
- Appointments with Gastroenterology, Nutrition, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction therapists, Social Work and Child Life.
- Appointments with additional consulting services including Neurosurgery and Urology if indicated.

On the last day...
- You will receive a final consultation from your child's care team or specialist provider, and further direction to help you continue the program at home. 

Contact Us

If you think this program could help your child, please contact Montana Children's Specialist's Pediatric Surgical Team at (406) 758-7490 for referrals or additional information.