Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child eat prior to the office appointment?

Do we need to do anything special to prepare my child for the appointment?
No. The first appointment is just a consultation.

Will my child have a procedure the same day we see you?

Do I need to bring my child’s medical records to the appointment?
No, we like to have all records prior to the appointment. We ask that you make sure your primary care provider has faxed us all of the information. If your child had a previous GI workup, please let our office know so we can request those records.

How long is the appointment?
Your first appointment will be between 40 and 60 minutes. Follow-ups are between 20 and 30 minutes.

My child needs to be on a clear liquid diet. What is included in a clear liquid diet?
Clear liquid diets include broth, gelatin, sports drinks, Pedialyte, popsicles and clear juices (apple, pear, dye-free cranberry, white grape).

What is included in the first appointment?
The first appointment is getting to know your child’s history and symptoms. Our providers may order labs or images or may schedule a procedure at this appointment. You will be discharged with a plan of care for your child.