What To Expect

Scheduling, Rescheduling, or Cancellations

To schedule, reschedule, or cancel an appointment, please call our main line at (406) 758-7490. Please give 24-48 hours of notice when canceling or re-scheduling an appointment.

Before An Appointment

If you are able and wear a CGM or insulin pump please make sure the data sharing is working for your device(s) or upload your device(s) within 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you are requested to keep food/BG/insulin logs please email them within 24 hours prior to your appointment.

During Your Appointment

Bring all your diabetes devices (for example: blood glucose meter, logs, CGM, insulin pump), diabetes binder, medication, and typical diabetes supplies you carry with you on a daily basis.

Prescription Refills

Contact your pharmacy directly. Refills are generally processed within a 72 hour period.

Lab Work

If you are scheduled to have a blood draw, increase fluid intake prior to your visit. labs are not fasting unless marked.

Pump/CGM Uploads and Logs

Please call or email when you would like your logs, or pump and/or CGM upload to be reviewed. Allow up to 72 hours for a response time. Please notify staff of any concerns that you would like to be addressed.