For Providers

Refer a Patient

With clinic locations in Missoula, Great Falls, Helena and Bozeman, Logan Health Children's ensures that follow-up care after a hospitalization takes place as close to home as possible. 

For a list of our pediatric specialists and where they practice, click here.

To refer a patient to a pediatric specialist at Logan Health Children's call (406)752-5111.

NAT Screening and Management Guidelines

This management guidedline document services as a guide and does not replace clinical judgement. 
  Non-Accidental Trauma Screening & Management

Transfer a Patient

The Transfer Center is staffed 24/7 with a registered nurse who will assume responsibility to coordinate transfers into and out of the hospital while continuing to make bed assignments and other duties.

Call our registered nurse 24/7 at (406) 752-5111 or (406) 751-8999.

We will:
  • Facilitate all communication between referring and receiving physicians.
  • Expedite assigning a bed or ER room.
  • Facilitate a nurse-to-nurse report.
  • See to all transfer details.
  • Partner with A.L.E.R.T. and specialty transport teams to coordinate flight and group transports as needed.

Provider Education Programs

Logan Health offers a variety of educational opportunities to its patient, community, and healthcare professional customers. Explore the 'Healthcare Professionals' Education' for specialized offerings below.

Many of the professional continuing education programs coordinated by Logan Health are open to professionals within the region.